Asus XP4 AX1800 雙頻 Mesh WiFi-6 路由器 白色 2件裝 (2-PK)





結合了 WiFi 和電力線技術,為住宅和透天厝環境提供理想的解決方案。當 WiFi 因厚牆或金屬牆或鋼筋樓板而導致的Mesh串接問題,系統將自行切換為電力線模式,經由住宅內的電線傳送資料,讓應用裝置端可全速享有 AX1800 WiFi 6的高速傳輸。HomePlug AV2 MIMO 標準1300Mbps甚至幾乎比之前的標準快 2 倍*。ASUS Instant Guard 可運用您的 ZenWiFi AX Hybrid 的功能,為您所使用的任何公用 WiFi 連線加入強大的 VPN 安全性。
Model Name
Network Standard
IEEE 802.11a
IEEE 802.11b
IEEE 802.11g
WiFi 4 (802.11n)
WiFi 5 (802.11ac)
WiFi 6 (802.11ax)
HomePlug AV2 MIMO
IEEE 1901
IEEE 1905.1
IEEE 802.3ab
IEEE 802.3z
Product Segment
AV1300 HomePlug AV2 MIMO : 1300 Mbps
AX1800 終極 AX 效能: 1201 Mbps+ 574 Mbps
AX technology

802.11a:最高 54 Mbps
802.11b:最高 11 Mbps
802.11g:最高 54 Mbps
802.11n:最高 400 Mbps
802.11n TurboQAM:最高 450 Mbps
802.11n (256QAM):最高 400 Mbps
802.11ac:最高 1733 Mbps
WiFi 6 (802.11ax) (2.4GHz):最高 574 Mbps
WiFi 6 (802.11ax) (5GHz) : up to 1201 Mbps
Internal antenna x 4
64bit 1.2 GHz quad-core processor
256 MB Flash
512 MB RAM
Boosts speed
OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access)
Beamforming: standard-based and universal
1024-QAM high data rate
20/40/80 MHz bandwidth
Operating Frequency
2.4G Hz / 5 GHz
RJ45 for Gigabit BaseT for WAN x 1, RJ45 for Gigabits BaseT for LAN x 2
USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 1
AC Power Jack with PLC x 1
WPS/PLC Combo Button, Reset Button
LED Indicator
Power & Status Combo LED x 1
Power Supply
AC Input : 110V~240V(50~60Hz)
Package content
‧Router (XP4)
‧RJ45 Ethernet cable
‧Power core
‧Quick start guide
‧Warranty Card
Content may vary in different regions and packages.
AiMesh : 有
Primary AiMesh router : 有
AiMesh node : 有
Router APP
ASUS Router APP : 有
Game Boost/acceleration : 無
WTFast : 無
Support Alexa skill : 有
Support IFTTT : 有
AiProtection : AiProtection Pro
Router Security Assessment : 有
Malicious site blocking : 有
Two-Way IPS : 有
Infected Device Prevention and Blocking : 有
Parental Control
Parental Control : 有
Parental Control Customized Internet schedule : 有
Maximum Parental Control profile : Max 16 rules
Maximum Parental Control content filter rule : Max 16 rules
Traffic Control
Adaptive QoS : 有
Bandwidth Monitor : 有
Bandwidth limiter : 有
Maximum Bandwidth limiter rule : Max 32 rules
Traditional QoS : Yes
Maximum Traditional QoS rule : Max 32 rules
Traffic Monitor : 有
Real-time traffic monitor : 有
Wired Traffic Monitor : 有
Wireless Traffic Monitor : 有
Traffic Analyzer : 有
Website history : 有
IPv6 : 有
Wi-Fi Encryption : WPA3-Personal, WPA/WPA2-Personal, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise, WPS support
UTF-8 SSID : 有
Guest Network : 有
Maximum Guest Network rule : Max 6 rules
Guest Network Connection time limit : 有
Guest Network Encryption : Max 6 rules
WPS : 有
Wi-Fi MAC address filter : 有
Maximum MAC filters : Max 64 rules
Wireless scheduler : 有
Airtime fairness : 有
RADIUS Server : 有
Universal beamforming : 有
Explicit beamforming : 有
Internet connection Type : PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, Automatic IP, Static IP
Dual WAN : 有
WAN Aggregation : 無
3G/4G LTE dongle : 有
Android tethering : 有
Port forwarding : 有
Port triggering : 有
DMZ : 有
DDNS : 有
NAT Passthrough : PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, RTSP, H.323, SIP Passthrough
Let's Encrypt : 有
DHCP Server : 有
IGMP snooping : 有
IPTV : 有
LAN Link Aggregation : 無
Manually assign IP address : 有
Maximum manually assign IP address rule : Max 64 rules
VPN Client L2PT : 有
VPN Client OVPN : 有
VPN Client PPTP : 有
VPN Server IPSec : 有
VPN Server OVPN : 有
VPN Server PPTP : 有
VPN Fusion : 有
Instant Guard :Yes
USB application
File System : FS_Tuxera_HFS+, FS_Tuxera_NTFS, FS_Tuxera_vFAT, FS_ext2, FS_ext3, FS_ext4
HDD hibernation : 有
Safely Remove disk : 有
AiCloud : 有
Download master : 有
AiDisk : 有
Media Server : 有
Time Machine : 有
Samba Server : 有
FTP Server : 有
Shared Folder privileges : 有
Operating mode : Wireless router mode,Range extender mode,Access point mode,Media bridge mode
Free OS upgrade : 有
Firewall : 有
Maximum Firewall keyword filter : Max 64 rules
Maximum Firewall network service filter : Max 32 rules
Maximum Firewall URL filter : Max 64 rules
Wake on LAN (WOL) : 有
SSH : 有
Configuration backup and restore : 有
Diagnosis tools : 有
Feedback system : 有
System log : 有
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